Choreographie  & Performer: Lola Atger, Verena Schneider

                        Mentor & Outside Eye: Marion Bati

                        Light & Scenografie: Louise Julien

                        Music creation: Charles Sagnet 


                       Co-Production: Freifall, Cie N / C

                       Subvention:  BKA - Austria, DRAC France (Creation en Cours 2018)

                       Residencies: TANZ*HOTEL Wien, Espace Catastrophe Brussels, L'Essieut du Batut Aurillac, École Maternelle Montierchaume

La Discussion - Das Gespräch (FR/AT)

Creation 2019

Interdisciplinary Project between Circus and Dance

Lola and Verena met in 2017 at the Inaki Azipillaga workshop at ImPulsTanz festival,

festival for contemporary dance in Vienna (Austria).

We were both fascinated by the discipline and far beyond the personality of each other. 

In 2017 we gathered together, danced and shared knowledge and thoughts.


The result was a real relationship, from which emerged the project La Discussion.

For two years, several residences have allowed us to work on this creation.

La Discussion is inspired by the long conversations we have had about our lives,

our view of the world, and our artistic work.

Marion Bati provided the project with an external perspective (outside eye).

With her versatile experience she was able to guide us through the formation process.

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About the piece:

Two women, a dancer and a performer / acrobat meet each other.

At the beginning, there is ignorance to the other. Everyone in his own world.

They approach, perceive, try, and meet, trying to understand each other's opposites.

They try to drop their masks and move towards each other.

Out of giving and taking arises a dance in which they find their common language of movement, which takes place in a dialogue, a physical conversation.


Verena and Lola, the soul live are unveiled completely, fragile but powerful. He was born a duo of friendship mixing the strength of the earth and the lightness of the air.

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