Training between Acrobatics, Dance and  Movement Investigation


In collaboration:


- Winston Reynolds Microbatics

- Verena Schneider DeconstructedHandstand

- Florencia Buzzo (Flow Force)








The combination should give people a package where they discover and train two different approaches of combining circus, dance and movement investigation.

Both Verena and Winston, have in common this interdisciplinary approach and have been training together with Tomislav English and his Ferus // Animi Training, among others.

Though Winston’s background is more based in acrobatics and partner acrobatics with his partner Axel, Verena’s approach is based on her experience as a handbalancer and performance & dance studies.

Collaborating and sharing knowledge in different fields they want to offer those workshop together where they hope to offer a package which can be complementary in certain way.



The workshop


Having constructed and deconstructed their acrobatic training over the past 10 years, this workshop will share ongoing thoughts and speculations on how to approach this way of moving. As both Winston & Verena’s movement practice has its foundation within acrobatics (Verena more into handstands) it will be focusing on principles and how their practice shape their way of moving and training. It will be specific and open at the same time. An open mind is needed.


Using an interpretation of agility we will work on balance, strength, coordination and speed to see how this can be cultivated into both solo practice and partnering situations with the idea to build up a well rounded and adaptive mover.


How does the acrobat move and which principles does he use to move his mode into space?

How can the handstand be more moved and our movement be more stable and balanced?

What social patterns do we find in our practice and how do we listen to what we are hearing or seeing?


With this in mind we will be looking at an ongoing research and vocabulary of both solo and collaborative movement situations, with the attempt of using acrobatics and locomotion as a vehicle to expand our understanding of this strand of movement training.

Upcoming opportunity 1.&2th of February 2020 in Genth (BE) in Collaboration with Winston Reynolds